Actors wish list

CAA and William Morris Endeavor found the screenplay to be excellent. For this reason they prepared Casting Books proposing their A-list talent.

Beth Edwards Robins

daughter of MI6 officer

Jessica Treska


Poet/Rebel (seventeen years old)

Jordan Elsass

Rhys Matthew Bond

Aramis Knight

Nola Cross

(plays the son of Reese Witherspoon in Hulu’s series “Little Fires Everywhere” along side Kerry Washington.)

Bruce Edward Robins

Head of MI6 in Cyprus (Mid to late fifties)

Colin Firth

Ralph Fiennes

Jude Law

Gary Oldman

Max Ryan

Older Beth

late sixties / early seventies

Helen Mirren

Judi Dench

Charlotte Rampling

Kristine Scott Thomas

Emma Thompson

Jessica Lange


Beth’s mother (late thirties)

Reese Witherspoon

Natalie Portman

Nicole Kidman

Charlize Theron

Cate Blanchett

Allen MacRaw

Scottish Journalist (late thirties – early forties)

Ewan McGregor

James McAvoy

Henry Ian Cusick


Freedom fighter (early to mid thirties)

Kit Harington

Toby Sebastian

George Georgiou


Cyprus Governor (early sixties)

Gary Oldman

Jim Broadbent

Jonathan Pryce