Character Breakdown

Beth Edwards Robins

16 to 18 years old, Caucasian. British. Blonde with ethereal/virginal beauty!

Well‐spoken, upper class/Queen’s English. Artistic. Plays the violin.

Very sensitive! Coming of age rebellious temperament.


16 to 18 years old, Caucasian. Greek, or Mediterranean looks. Olympian god kind of beauty! Brooding hero type. Conveys strong passion and intelligence for his age. Must speak with a Greek accent.


Mid to Late 50’s, Caucasian. WWII veteran. Head of SIS in Cyprus. Disciplined.

Tough. Behind his military facade and deceptive appearance hides a soft heart.

Torn between his duty to the Crown and his daughter’s problematic affair with a young “terrorist” she has fallen in love with.


Late 30’s to early 40’s, Caucasian. Educated, composed, sensual with a vulnerable core.

Older Beth

Late 60’s, Caucasian. Upper class. Still looks extremely attractive. Played the violin with the London Symphony Orchestra. Leaves alone with her memories.


Late 50’s to Mid 60’s, Caucasian. Governor of Cyprus from 1955 to 1957.

Arrogant, ruthless, controlling and a self‐centered egoist!


Late 30’s to mid 40’s, Caucasian. A writer/journalist. Intelligent, charming and ambitious! Has heavy Scottish accent! Fixated with a controversial novel he is writing…


Early 30’s, Caucasian. Tough rebel. A WWII war hero! Ex British Commando.

A trained killer…


Early 20’s. Caucasian. Greek traitor. Intelligent, manipulative, scheming and ruthless!


40’s, Caucasian. A very charismatic politician and spiritual leader! Monumental figure in Cyprus’ politics and struggle for independence!